Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good news, bad news

We'd always be expecting for the good news, not for the good bad one.

Well, today I got a great one. Secret project in progress. Yaay.. Can't wait for the next Monday to get my special something for a special surprise for my special someone :*
I'll write here when the time has come.

I also got a not-so-good one. So, there's this someone who's been missing for quite some time and today I heard that she's actually on vacation now. Well, it's been bad before, and it's not going to get better I think.

Not that I don't care about her. I tried to talk to her but she didn't respond. I just don't know how to help her if she didn't even talk to me, right?

Yes, I'm making excuses. But I think she should've been mature enough to know about good/bad, and her attitude for the last 2 months has not been a good one.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Grandma's birthday

Today's Grandma's birthday! We had a meal in Telaga resto in Modernland Tangerang.

My wish for Grandma: wish you live a long life, health and wealth, wisdom and compassion and all the good qualities.

The food's okay but nothing special. The great thing is meeting the big family. You might not know it, but my big family is real BIG one ;)

Here's some pics..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

26 before 27

Prologue: today I'm officially 26yo +1month and I just make time to post this here. This happened to be my birthday contemplation and resolution.


Accidentally I found this journal, which I have been abandoning since new year. I got this list: 25 before 26, which consists of 25 things to be completed before I turned 26 (though it actually consisted of 6 things so far) and guess what, I haven't done even ONE of them. So sad, because I turned 26, like 3 days ago!

So, now I'll write another list of 26  before 27.
Due date: 15 Aug 2012

Here we go:
1. Make my own craft
2. learn to cook Indonesian food
3. Saving
4. Buy my own gold bar :)
5. Write min. twice in a month in my blog
6. More listening than talk
7. Attend a retreat
8. Go to Pulau Seribu
9. Start the house renovation
10. Visit the doctor regularly
11. Meet the besties once in a month
12. Spend an hour a week with sister
13. Call home more often
14. Join a beauty class DONE in Nov 2011
15. Visit the chatbook friends
16. Confirm my attendance to my bestfriend's wedding
17. Buy a gift for a special someone DONE in Oct 2011
18. Start my own financial plan and implementing it
19. Subscribe Martha Steward Living magazine DONE starting September 2011

20. More involved in charity events

[I'll complete the list soon - hopefully]
-originally written on 18Aug2011 00:28-
pic from here

Fixing things

Put "commitment", "attitude", and "performance management" in one conversation with a mad staff and it will be rage.

Once again - God, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Please.

I think I just want everyone to try again and I would just hope for everyone's clear mind on this. Have a great day :)

-originally written on 13Sep2011-